• Museum of Art Deco and Art Nouveau: Located in the Casa Lis, formerly a family home, this museum houses since 1995 a large collection of furniture and objects, among which a sample of French porcelain dolls and a collection of chryselefantinas.

    • Museum of Salamanca: This museum has its origins in 1848. Its collections are divided into the sections of Archaeology, in continuous growth, Fine Arts, of the most extensive and complete, and Ethnology, which offers the visitor a tour of the traditional life of Salamanca.

    • Museum of Automotive History: Located in the building that was the first electricity production plant in Salamanca, it has been the first public museum nationwide dedicated to the motor. It was inaugurated by the Kings of Spain in 2002 and has authentic jewels of the history of the automobile.

    • House-Museum of Unamuno: In this house located in the historic center of the city, Miguel de Unamuno resided during his time as rector of the University. Although its purpose was to house the rectors and act as a cloister room, it has now been enabled as a museum, dedicated to the memory of the writer.

    • Domus Artium: The Domus Artium 2002 is a contemporary art center inaugurated on the occasion of the European Capital of Culture that took place throughout the year 2002 in Salamanca. It is built on what was the old provincial prison and, during its reform, the historical memory and architectural values were maintained in many of its spaces, in fact, the central room preserves the doors of the cells and the original iron grille.   

    • Museum of Commerce and Industry: The purpose of this museum is to offer an exhibition with the possibility of making an interactive tour through the key moments of history that marked the beginnings of industry and commerce in Salamanca. 

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