Hiking, bycicle and bird watching
Hiking, bycicle and bird watching


Ior Road:
 This route, with 10 bridges and 20 tunnels through nature, will allow you to contemplate the flora and fauna that Salamanca hides. In addition, you will be able to know surprising railway engineering works, given that the route crosses the last kilometers of the old railway La Fuente de San Esteban.


Centro BTT Ledesma:  This tourist space is intended for the practice of mountain biking through an offer of trails with one hundred kilometers marked, distributed in five marked routes and classified according to their level of difficulty.

The center also offers a bicycle repair, washing and rental workshop.


In Salamanca is the Laguna del Cristo, an ideal place for ornithology enthusiasts, located in Aldehuela de Yeltes. 

In the lagoon you can observe waterfowl and waders, raptors and passerines. Some of them come from Scandinavia and the Arctic, and spend a season in the area before continuing their journeys south. You can also see concentrations of black stork families, considered of great ecological value.



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