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Vega Foundation
Grand Hotel Don Gregorio

Grand Hotel Don Gregorio collaborates with the Fundación Vega by donating part of its income to the Departments of Pediatrics, Hematology and Cardiology of the University Hospital of Salamanca.

The foundation

Working for a better world since 1975

The Vega Foundation is a private charitable institution of a national and mixed character, assistance and teaching, whose activity has been developing since 1975 in Spain.

The main activities include the sponsorship of children and the approach of basic resources to people and groups at risk of social exclusion, whether due to economic, health or physical or mental disability.

Similarly, the Vega Foundation collaborates with other non-governmental entities through financial donations and the comprehensive organization of charitable events as a guarantor of the investment of the proceeds in quality social projects.

The Vega Foundation also maintains a commitment to education and the patronage of cultural associations and groups that carry out activities of social interest, financing scholarships, studies and scientific research initiatives.

The Vega Foundation has been organizing different charity events since 1997, among which the "Lyric Dinners" stand out, whose sole purpose is to support various social projects by raising funds and seeking sponsorships and donations.

Currently Fundación Vega develops the "Don Gregorio Solidarity Aid", in close collaboration with the Grand Hotel Don Gregorio and the Salamanca University Hospital.